One Powerful Approach to Networking…the Law of Reciprocity

reflectionIn my coaching practice I’m often asked by clients – “How do I network, uncover job opportunities, and get people to help me find a better job or position?”

And the answer is simple – you Give what you want to receive, with no expectations, and let the law of Reciprocity do it’s magic.

The worst thing you could do is to come out of nowhere and ask without giving…people’s time is valuable, and seeking help from a cold network of friends and colleagues is in poor taste and ineffective.

The better approach is to –

1. Find well connected and social friends – these are natural connectors, social butterflies, networkers
2. Find ways to serve before you seek – give, give, give!

Ways to Give to your “connector friends” and Build Your Network

– Like their recent positive activity on social media
– Invite them out for coffee or a drink, to catch up on their life or business
– Recommend an article, book, resource that they would enjoy
– Send them a thank you note or post card – yes, a real snail mail note!
– Contribute time to a cause they care about, with them
– Suggest a good connection they can add to their network
– Write a Recommendation via email or on Linkedin – this is a must if you want one yourself!

And then stay connected, mention your situation without expectation, and then let the law of reciprocity kick in and do what it does best, give back!

~ Coach Baez

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