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6 Powerful Life Transition Tips

Keys to Live by

Those going through a difficult transition, but eager to to let go of the past and start looking toward the future with better eyes, can use these 6 steps to finally get back on track…

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Hold the Vision of Your Best Future

paradise found

This one’s goin’ on my vision board – yup, I have one! And why not? Why not focus on what you want and not on what you don’t want? Why not take a chance that the law of attraction might just work – and that maybe that which you seek is also seeking you?!

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[VIDEO] The NEW Expert Interview Series – Coach Saidy Bayron!

“Don’t eat the cake! Keep moving!”  If you’ve ever heard that voice in your head telling you not to eat the cake, to stick to your health and fitness plan – well that strong, tough-lovin’ inspiring voice belongs to Coach Saidy. She is a fitness expert that started her own transformation from being out of …

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You’ve Come So Far

focus on how far you've come

Focusing on your progress keeps you positive, builds momentum, and reminds you that you have it within you to keep going. So think about how far you’ve come, how much you’ve sacrificed, and how blessed you’ve been to get as far as you’ve gotten.

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Today Matters

today matters

Stop livin’ like today doesn’t count, cause in truth, it’s all that matters. Your actions, attitudes and habits of today are the building blocks of everything you could become tomorrow. And your health, your wealth, and your happiness all stem from today, right now. The seeds you plant today bear the fruits of your tomorrow.

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Choose to see life’s challenges as tests to grow from

be a victor, not a victim

Choose to see life’s challenges as tests to grow from, and life will take on a whole new meaning for you. Because you’ll finally realize that God and the Universe have been merely, and lovingly, putting the obstacles in front of you that you need, to meet and be ready for Your Best Destiny! ~ …

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Wanna know the secret to success in Health, Wealth, and Relationships?


The secret to success – whether it’s getting back in shape, making more money, or reviving that relationship you don’t want to lose – comes down to one foundational principle – (say it with me!) “CONSISTENCY” Yup, it aint sexy, but this simple word, action, and habit is at the core of all success and …

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Think – How can I serve their needs?


Humility, like many of the critical characteristics of the truly successful, is not something you have, it’s something you do – it’s a way of behaving in your life towards others.

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Failure is often the path to Success!

refuse to fail

I love this, because if you notice…what’s implied but not mentioned is the critical prerequisite to failure that makes it so noble and necessary – Action! You see, wanting to win takes no effort or courage. Sure it’s a good thing, but to act, and to fail, and to act again – now that’s the …

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The Law of Attraction is Not Enough!

fantasy resort

This one is going on my Vision Board! Yup, I’m believe in the Power of Intention and the Law of Attraction, as a start! Because the universe only brings us opportunity – but it’s on us to turn that opportunity into a reality in our lives – it’s on us to be resourceful and ready …

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