Not sure on your career path? Know THIS and the rest will fall into place

start with WHYWho, What, When, Where, Why, and How?

I use these simple Question starters to get people to think about their career goals all the time. For example, you want to become a doctor, a scientist, a lawyer, a business owner – in most cases you’re going to need higher level degrees. But graduate schools only provide the What (what to know) and How (how to do it) piece of the puzzle.

More important and foundational questions are the Who and the Why!

Who do you want to serve? All professionals ultimately “serve” someone or a group of people. Who do you really want to serve? Is it children in poverty, is it teens going through life change, is it young adult couples starting to build their lives, is it retired people struggling to make it? Are they of a certain nationality, race, economic status, or have a particular type of struggle?
Knowing who you want to serve allows you to specialize, refine and deepen your skills and become the best at what you do for the “whos” you do it for.

Why do you want to serve them? Why serve them and not someone else? What’s your story of struggle or triumph, and how does it connect to theirs in a way that drives you to serve their needs? Why are you willing to fight for them?

Cause if you have a big enough Why you can endure almost any How! The more you think on this to uncover the Deep reasons, the easier it will be to figure out your What and How.

So before you jump into a deep educational or vocational commitment, make sure your Why (the fire that drives you) will sustain you til the end and then some!

Need help making sure you’re on the right path? Sign up a coaching session today. And considering I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or you pay nothing – What have you got to lose? Oh yeah, I guess a lot of time and money spent down the wrong path, if you make the wrong choice.

~ Coach Baez

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