Getting Clarity on your Next Career Move

5 Elements of CoachingWhen it comes down to coaching, this is what it’s all about…it always starts with

1. being very clear on What you really want (and what you don’t want), then
2. focusing on the How (your strategy and plan)…and to sustain your progress…
3. identifying your big Why (your reason for fighting past your procrastination and barriers along the way!)

My biggest WHY is my girls…they drive me to succeed…but it’s also because I have a deep belief that we have one chance in life, and to not use all of my abilities to create the best life ever would be a waste. What’s your WHY? What drives you to want more out of your life?

In my experience, many of my clients struggle first with getting Clarity – they just don’t seem to know what they want or they want to be very sure before they take the leap from their existing job, or into a new and unknown market.
A good coach doesn’t give you the answers…they guide you by getting you to ask yourself the tough questions.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to get some Clarity on your next career move:

  1. What do you love to do – in your spare time or at work?

  2. What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

  3. What do you often daydream about doing? (no matter how silly or out of reach it may seem to you)

  4. What do others come to you for help or say you do well?

  5. What are you 10 greatest successes in your career or life so far? (look for common topics, themes, or areas)

There are many other questions I walk my clients through to help them get clarity on the direction they might want to take, but this is certainly a good start. And if you’re one of the rare individuals who actually follows through on this exercise, send me over the results to baezcoaching@yahoo.com or as an instant message on www.facebook.com/baezcoaching – I’d be happy to give you some feedback and insights.

~ Coach Baez

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