Focus on Designing Your Ideal Life


This website is first and foremost for those of us that want more than a better job. That’s just too short-sited. No, we want a better life…a life we act on and that doesn’t act on us, a life we create, we lead, and we enjoy!

It’s a core message I continuously communicate to my clients and to my two beautiful daughters, and probably the most important idea I can leave them with – that we are the captains of our fate – and it’s on us to create our own ideal life and become the empowered, kick-ass version of ourselves we can and should be!

In order to authentically share this message, I have to first live it! So I’ve created a vision board and images that keep me focused on my ideal future – like this laptop on the beach – a setting I would imagine as the ideal office.

So thank you for joining me on this journey. Learn from my successes and failures. But create your own ideal future, whether it’s using a vision board or some other goal-focusing tool. Keep those ideas and images that drive you and pull your towards your destiny in front of you. And eventually you’ll start seeing the universe putting opportunities in front of you like you wouldn’t believe!

~ Coach Baez

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