What is Stopping You From Achieving Greatness?

You are designed for successMost of us would quickly agree this quote to be true – We believe we have greatness within us!

And yet, when I challenge some of my clients with a simple question, no matter what their goal, be it to achieve career, health, wealth, or personal success of any kind, they’re either stumped for an answer, or full of excuses –
The question is → “Why haven’t you achieved it already??”

Think about that – if you have everything you need already in you, then What have you allowed to stop you from achieving all the goals you’ve wanted for yourself? And how can you finally get past all those barriers and start moving toward your goal?

What I have my clients do to get over these perceived barriers is to –

  1. Write down their big goal

  2. Write down the steps they’d need to take to achieve their goal

  3. Write down the barriers they foresee to taking action

  4. And then list potential solutions or workarounds, to get past each barrier

Goal / Steps / Barriers / Workarounds – it’s a great model. Try it today. And if it helps, download my handy 1-page plan to get started and finally get around all the excuses and achieve your long-time dream!

***1-page goal setting and barrier workaround template(doc)***

***1-page goal setting and barrier workaround template(pdf)***

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