What You Seek is Seeking You


rumiBelieve this – practice it – wake up every morning with this in mind – cause it works!

What you Seek is Seeking You!
What you Focus on you Attract!
What you Intend you Create!

But here’s the trick…

1. you need to be consistent with it. And
2. you need to assure your positive imagery outweighs your negative by a lot!

That’s why I recommend

1. Writing down your top major goals and even going a step further to …
2. Create a vision board. (If you’d like to know how to create one let me know.)

I even went a step further and created a vision movie – a slide show video of pictures of my goals with motivating music in the background!

If you don’t have a list of your long term goals, or a vision board, take time today to get them started. And if you need help, Coach Pablo is here for ya!

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