financial freedomI rarely give financial advice, but I was recently asked by a 25yr old client for tips on what he could do now to become financially free, and my first thought was …”What I would say to myself if I were able to speak to my 25yr old me, or to my daughters when they eventually hit that milestone age?”

So here are the tips I gave him. They’re simple but powerful tips that, if taken to heart, would be really wise for anyone 25 and under to act on now.

1) Invest automatically and heavily in your retirement acct and your favorite companies’ stocks

– set up an automatic deposit into a few simple investments now and you’re looking at retiring a millionaire in 20yrs.

Yeah, 45 would be a nice year to retire rich…and all ya gotta do is set it up now and watch it happen!

Einstein himself said he was in awe of the power of compound interest, and credit card companies used it against us to make billions – leverage it by starting now and you’ll leave a legacy of financial freedom for your family in the future. Again, don’t know how? Learn! lol

2) Start a side business

– The experience of running a small biz will help you in all facets of your future careers. Plus, having something on the side will give you confidence, knowing you have a backup plan if you’re 9-5 job ever falls through.
And another huge perk – the ability to right-off tons of expenses in your taxes is awesome, and could literally double your tax return annually. Don’t know how? Learn!

3) Investment in a rental property (or 3!)

– If biz is not your thing, buy rental props now. They will pay themselves off in 15-20yrs and be a source of wealth for you.
Properties are still cheap, so look for ones that need no work and will cost substantially less than the mortgage+taxes+insurance, and any other upkeep expenses. Keep them close and only buy props you’d be proud to live in. Don’t know how? Learn!

And my BEST TIP? 

Learn!! Yes, if you don’t know how to start a biz, buy properties, or invest in mutual funds or stocks or other stuff, just get out there and learn how to do it!
Be a lifetime learner! You can buy books, research how to’s on YouTube, talk to friends, get a coach, take a class! Stop waiting for life to come to you, and go to it! Make it happen! Ya got no excuse to not learn except ur own laziness…but if you don’t, it’s gonna cost you, believe me.

Ok, I could say a lot more, but do these three tips, if you apply them, will get you on the road to financial freedom, guaranteed!
OR you could be one of the 95% percent of people that hear good advice, do nothing, and live in regret or anger at those that took action. 

Naw, that’s not you – you’re part of that rare 5% that hear it and do it…that take charge of their lives…that believe the best way to pray, is to pray with your feet – that walk the talk! So what are you waiting for? Pick one, start learning and get started!

~ Coach Baez

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