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What You Seek is Seeking You

  Believe this – practice it – wake up every morning with this in mind – cause it works! What you Seek is Seeking You! What you Focus on you Attract! What you Intend you Create! But here’s the trick…

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What are you doing today to reach your goals?

  Today’s actions lead to tomorrow’s results and successes…and every day is a building block towards becoming the future you that You were meant to be. So what are you doing today, right now, to move towards your goals?

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I rarely give financial advice, but I was recently asked by a 25yr old client for tips on what he could do now to become financially free, and my first thought was …”What I would say to myself if I were able to speak to my 25yr old me, or to my daughters when they …

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What’s Your Passion? Your Purpose?

My dad recently mentioned in passing how when I was young, people were always coming to me for guidance…I was kind of shocked. I had forgotten how long I’ve been helping others figure things out.

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If it doesn’t serve you, grow you, or make you happy…walk away.