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Should I go back for my Master’s Degree?

I was recently asked by a client if they should go back to school for another degree. My first question was “A master’s in what and why?” Their response? “Um, I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking you?”

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A client asked me the other day – “HOW DO I STOP WASTING TIME AND FOCUS MY DAY ON WHAT REALLY MATTERS? I feel like I’m always busy but achieve nothing!” We all struggle with this, myself included. And there are many techniques out there for getting more efficient and productive, and feeling like you’re …

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6 Powerful Life Transition Tips

Those going through a difficult transition, but eager to to let go of the past and start looking toward the future with better eyes, can use these 6 steps to finally get back on track…

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Focus on What Could Go Right

The more you focus on what’s possible, the less time and energy you waste on fear and false beliefs. Because if you’re honest with yourself, you’d have to admit that 99% of the things you fear might happen, never do. And those that do are essential challenges you were meant to face, to grow you into the …

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[VIDEO] The NEW Expert Interview Series – Coach Saidy Bayron!

“Don’t eat the cake! Keep moving!”  If you’ve ever heard that voice in your head telling you not to eat the cake, to stick to your health and fitness plan – well that strong, tough-lovin’ inspiring voice belongs to Coach Saidy. She is a fitness expert that started her own transformation from being out of …

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You’ve Come So Far

Focusing on your progress keeps you positive, builds momentum, and reminds you that you have it within you to keep going. So think about how far you’ve come, how much you’ve sacrificed, and how blessed you’ve been to get as far as you’ve gotten.

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How to (Finally) Find Your Purpose in Life!

I was asked by a client recently “How do I know what I’m supposed to do with my life?” Yup, this is the eternal question we humans all struggle with at some point in our lives. Sure, some know immediately, it falls on their lap when they’re not even looking for it. But most of …

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Not sure on your career path? Know THIS and the rest will fall into place

Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How? I use these simple Question starters to get people to think about their career goals all the time. For example, you want to become a doctor, a scientist, a lawyer, a business owner – in most cases you’re going to need higher level degrees. But graduate schools only provide …

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Today Matters

Stop livin’ like today doesn’t count, cause in truth, it’s all that matters. Your actions, attitudes and habits of today are the building blocks of everything you could become tomorrow. And your health, your wealth, and your happiness all stem from today, right now. The seeds you plant today bear the fruits of your tomorrow.

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Your Best is Effortless

Don’t force things to happen. Like a flower that blooms effortlessly, face the sun and let your gifts and your beauty shine on it’s own. Do this, and believe me…the bees, and opportunities, will come to you. ~ Coach Baez  

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