Should I go back for my Master’s Degree?

Should I Go Back to my MastersI was recently asked by a client if they should go back to school for another degree.

My first question was “A master’s in what and why?” Their response? “Um, I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking you?”

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The Perfect Formula to Achieving your Goals

perfectformulagoalsWhat is a perfect, simple and memorable formula for Goal-setting and Dream-planning?

The Masterful Zig Ziglar taught one for years, and you can make it yours by just practicing it a few times. Here it is:

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Focus on your Fears Instead of your Goals


The more I learn through coaching my clients, the more I realize that my belief in positive thinking may not always serve them best.

For example, researchers have recently uncovered an amazing fact – focusing on a positive mental image of your goal and ignoring your fears (as proposed in productions like “The Secret”) may not be the best first step towards it’s attainment – in test cases, focusing on the worst case scenarios, when done properly, is actually better!

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What You Seek is Seeking You


rumiBelieve this – practice it – wake up every morning with this in mind – cause it works!

What you Seek is Seeking You!
What you Focus on you Attract!
What you Intend you Create!

But here’s the trick…

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One Powerful Approach to Networking…the Law of Reciprocity

reflectionIn my coaching practice I’m often asked by clients – “How do I network, uncover job opportunities, and get people to help me find a better job or position?”

And the answer is simple – you Give what you want to receive, with no expectations, and let the law of Reciprocity do it’s magic.

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What are you doing today to reach your goals?


Today’s actions lead to tomorrow’s results and successes…and every day is a building block towards becoming the future you that You were meant to be. So what are you doing today, right now, to move towards your goals?

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Getting Clarity on your Next Career Move

5 Elements of CoachingWhen it comes down to coaching, this is what it’s all about…it always starts with

1. being very clear on What you really want (and what you don’t want), then
2. focusing on the How (your strategy and plan)…and to sustain your progress…
3. identifying your big Why (your reason for fighting past your procrastination and barriers along the way!)

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A client asked me the other day – “HOW DO I STOP WASTING TIME AND FOCUS MY DAY ON WHAT REALLY MATTERS? I feel like I’m always busy but achieve nothing!”

80-20 ruleWe all struggle with this, myself included. And there are many techniques out there for getting more efficient and productive, and feeling like you’re day was a success and not a waste.

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financial freedomI rarely give financial advice, but I was recently asked by a 25yr old client for tips on what he could do now to become financially free, and my first thought was …”What I would say to myself if I were able to speak to my 25yr old me, or to my daughters when they eventually hit that milestone age?”

So here are the tips I gave him. They’re simple but powerful tips that, if taken to heart, would be really wise for anyone 25 and under to act on now.

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6 Powerful Life Transition Tips

Those going through a difficult transition, but eager to to let go of the past and start looking toward the future with better eyes, can use these 6 steps to finally get back on track…

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